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Is Physics That Difficult: Understanding Physics

study foundation in physics course in Malaysia

Physics is known as one of the “killer subjects” at school. Many students tend to think that it is such a difficult subject. Well, it is probably true. Physics is very wide in topics and roles. We study many different things in this subject and it is undoubtedly an interesting and also challenging subject. You don’t just count the mass and so on, there are facts that you need to memorise too. If you are interested in this subject, you should try to study foundation in physics course in Malaysia

Physics Around Us

study foundation in physics course in Malaysia

We are well aware of the existence of gravity. Gravity is a part of physics. Without it, we might be floating without any direction in the air. The electricity we’ve been using, and the way it supplies energy for electrical appliances to work is also physics. Physics revolves around us and we can’t deny that fact. We wake up to physics and we sleep with them too. The reason why the subject existed at school is to teach us about uniqueness and how it is closely related to our life. 

Physics as a Subject

In Malaysia, secondary school students can choose to study in the science stream class with the three branches of science subjects as the focus. Physics is one of the science branches alongside chemistry and biology. Physics focuses on matters, motions, force and related topics. It is closely related to us and is very important. Learning subjects like these are helpful in helping students to understand how the world works. Biology is the study of living creatures or the study of life while chemistry focuses on matters behaviour and properties. With the existence of physics, they actually complete each other. Students may find that certain topics are not even related to our daily basis, but they actually do. It’s just that they are not the individuals involved in the situation mentioned.

Is Physics Difficult to Understand?

Understanding physics is not limited to students. We should at least know how things around us work. If we are talking about students, some of them have a passion for this subject while some don’t. As for those who do, they tend to have a better understanding of science and mathematics. Students who are not interested in this subject might feel that it is difficult. This is because there are calculations involved where they have to find the velocity and similar. Those who do not have enough mathematical skills would find this subject difficult. Therefore, it is important for students to really understand what they want and what are their capabilities. 

Appreciating Physics

study foundation in physics course in Malaysia

Although you find the subject difficult, you should be thankful that physics itself existed in the first place. Without physics, we might won’t be able to live as we do right now. Many things around us are derived from it and it is crucial for us to understand the way it works. It is fine if you refuse to learn more about it, but do remember to not belittle what people love. It is also one of the ways to appreciate physics as an essential in our life